Kids vs. Parents: Pedestrian and Driver Myths

From the time the first car tire hit a paved road, there have been stories. The stories grew into tales, and the tales grew into myths. These myths still plague drivers and pedestrians among us today. Myths like cars and pedestrians in a streetside tango unsure when to yield. Myths describing encounters of marked and unmarked crosswalks puzzling drivers and pedestrians in transit, and sightings of glowing pedestrian apparitions after dark. We are calling on all parents and middle schoolers to join the quest to help bust pedestrian myths. Your first move is to test your pedestrian and driver myth knowledge against each other. 

Make it known to all that the battle shall rage between kid and parent to see who will rule the road the safest. Prizes are at hand every Tuesday for those who venture to take on this quest. You have until the strike of midnight on May 18th to complete the quest. Who’s knowledge will bust each myth and ensure the safety of your kingdom? To find out, click here and crush the myths. Show who knows the rules of the road best. Once you’ve completed the first mission in the quest, continue to the next quest and gather additional resources. 

Learning the rules of the road is a right of passage for all youth that will one day wield a vehicle. As they begin their quest, prepare them with the armor of knowledge and bestow on them the sword of safety so they can combat every myth now. Before they get behind the wheel of a chariot, knowing the rules of the road will save them. As a pedestrian, kids can learn a great deal about street safety and driving rules. If you need a way to practice, the journey to and from school holds many clues to debunking driver and pedestrian myths. Find your pathway to school by clicking here. You can also review rules and safety through our enchanted blogs. We’ve conjured additional sources for you to continue the safety crusade with your kid, just click here. If you want more lore on pedestrian and driver myths, click here, or visit the wise ones at Zero Fatalities.