3 Reasons Your Kids Should Be Biking

There has been a biking boom recently, and quite frankly, we love seeing families out on their bikes, but why bike? Here are three reasons why your kids should be biking. 

Health Benefits

Riding a bike takes skill. Specifically, it takes gross motor skills. Children who ride bikes learn spatial reasoning, sharpen visual motor skills and strengthen sensory-motor skills. Additionally, they build strong muscles and bones. Riding a bike engages muscles that support balance and coordination. Just as important, riding a bike promotes a healthy mind. Biking can relieve stress or boost mood by releasing endorphins and allowing kids to feel accomplished. Let’s face it, learning to ride a bike is considered a milestone for many kids and parents, and it should be, it engages the entire body. 

Safety Benefits

Learning the rules of the road as a child is knowledge that will stick with kids their whole lives. Identifying traffic signs, knowing how to use crosswalks and obeying traffic lights are just a few examples that can keep kids safe when riding. Even better, it can help them become safe drivers when they reach the proper age. We suggest teaching the rules of the road a little at a time. For younger kids start with helmet safety. “Click it, don’t risk it” doesn’t just apply to seatbelts. Talk about the importance of properly wearing a helmet every time they bike or ride. Consider reviewing and identifying traffic signs and practicing looking left, right, left before crossing too. With older kids, the goal is to ensure they know the rules so they can be independently safe. Riding bikes as a family is an ideal way to teach by example and start a conversation on how traffic works and how to be safe while riding. Click here to find more on Utah bike laws, and click here for more safety tips to teach kids.

Learning Benefits

Biking is an asset to anyone, but it’s especially beneficial to kids. When kids bike to school, it gives their bodies a chance to wake up. The result is a focused, alert and engaged student. Biking to school increases social skills and academic performance. As mentioned above, this is because mood is boosted, and their minds are clear from getting physical activity. In addition to better academic achievement, bike riding promotes learning social skills. Learning to take turns and recreate responsibly are accessories to bike riding that help children understand social cues and responsibilities. 

Riding a bike seems like such a simple activity, but the benefits have a broad reach, especially for kids. As a parent, it’s always nice to give your kid the best experiences, and biking provides a variety of skills and opportunities.